DTX300HB 3.0" x 19" Complete Wheel Assembly (Black)


Rear Wheel Assembly:

Honda complete rear wheel assembly with a 3.0 x 19 Sun rim. Rim & hub are black anodized. Comes complete with brake disc adaptor, Knock off nuts, and axle spacers. Everything you need to install in the stock Swingarm with your stock axle, brake caliper, and mount.

DTX Rear Wheel:

Our DTX wheel system is designed for use in all stock framed motocross bikes. This wheel system allows you to utilize quick change gearing and the ability to flip your wheel around to a fresh edge in a matter of minutes. No more breaking down the bead to turn your tire around or removing six bolts to change a sprocket.

The wheel comes complete for your application with wheel spacers installed and a brake disc adaptor to mount your stock rotor. No other modifications are needed. Your rear axle and brake caliper mount remain stock.

This wheel system consist of two parts; an inner spindle assembly that is unique to each brand of bike and the wheel assemble that is made up of our universal hub laced to a rim.

Here are some of the unique features of this wheel system:
Spindle assemblies and wheel assemblies can be purchased separately. So if you ever change brands you can simple purchase a new spindle assembly without buying a new wheel. It also makes having multiple wheels less expensive because you can purchase just the wheel assembly without the inner spindle.

We also have available spindle assemblies that will convert your DTX wheel to a purpose built J&M or C&J type chassis.

Our hubs utilize Straight Pull Stainless Steel Spokes that eliminate failure due to fatigue in sharp bends.

All wheels are assembled with Stainless Steel Nipples and are trued to less then .015 on most rims.

Our pressed in drive pins are made from 4340 alloy steel and heat treated for maximum durability. The shear strength of four of our pins exceeds 50,000 psi. Far exceeding 8 of the drive bolts used by other wheel manufactures.

Tough Metalast (registered trademark) anodized to extend thread life and reduce fretting of sprocket mating surface.

Precise geometric tolerances assure that all nuts are interchangeable with all hubs.

Hubs are available in clear or black anodized finish. Special colors are available upon request.

  • Model: DTX300HB
  • Shipping Weight: 18lbs
  • Manufactured by: Durelle Racing

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