OEM Chassis

The wheels listed below are what we call our DTX wheel. The DTX wheel is designed to be used for all stock framed MX bikes, 125cc and up. There are some wonderful features with this style of design and several applications they can be used for.
These wheels allow you to use Barnes style quick change sprockets. Making gear changes a quick and easy process.
The wheel is reversible so you never have to dismount a tire until it is completely worn out.
You can purchase the complete wheel assembly which includes the wheel, with your choice of rim width and the spindle assembly for your brand of bike.
The wheel assembly can be purchased separately to make having multiple wheels less expensive.
The spindle assembly can be purchased separately if you change brand of bikes. Each Manufactures wheel specifications are different.
With our DT/DTX spindle it will allow you to adapt these wheels to you J&M, C&J, W-R, Knight, or any purpose type chassis.
We also have a DT/DTX spindle assembly available in 4.0 offset for the Kaw 650's, A 4.25 offset for the Suzuki 650 & KTM chassis J&M has built.

Hubs are available in Clear or Black anodized finish. Rims are available in Clear, Black, or Gold (not pictured) 

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